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Fashion fades, only style remains the same

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V67 THE NEW YORK ISSUE. from V Magazine on Vimeo.

I’ve been kind of jealous of all of this tanned people that just came back from their holidays, and then today I re-discovered these old pictures. I just remembered than in less than a month I’ll be back to Winter-less Land.

When I go back, I want to go here ASAP.


In 2 weeks I’ll be moving, as in, continentaly and before that I have to:

  • Cancel my phone contract
  • Do a garage sale
  • Pack
  • Organize and free my room
  • Prepare my trip to NYC (I’ll be there for 2 weeks before heading to the glorious Tropic, where weather is fine and people are nice)
  • Organize some meeting
  • Sleep

I was planning a possible trip to Prague next week but decided to drop it. I seriously need to stop pushing me that much.

I just found these two cute blogs this week, will definitively get back at them when I have more time to breathe and stuff:

Coming soon: a more deep explanation.

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Becca: “Hello, my name is Becca and I’m a kleptomaniac.”

(applauses) Support Team: “Hi Becca”

So, my name is not Becca, and I’m not a kleptomaniac. Well, I’m a compulsively stealer of…images. My computer has ridiculous amounts of images that I just  “Save as…” whatever name I can think of. Sometimes I’ve tried to organize these images, let’s just say that at this moment they are kind of organized. So, recently I “robbed” this image of Gisele in a…well, water-dress, which made me think on that dress that Marylin wore to John Kennedy’s birthday, you know? when she sings him “Happy birthday, Mr. President”, yada yada yada. Which made me think of a time I was watching E!, back at the day when I was a teenager, and this woman (I don’t remember who she is, if someone knows, PLEASE let me know who she is) was being interviewed at a red carpet, wearing a nude-dress and saying that when she told her designer (again, WHO?) that she wanted to feel like Marylin, not to have the same dress, just the feeling.

For me that was eye-opening. Really. It sounds incredibly ridiculous now, I know. But back at the day, I was like “Wow, why doesn’t she just want to gave the same dress?”, “What’s up with this feel-ing?”. A while later I understood (or so I think) this whole thing about inspiration.

And well, who embodies this nude-felling better than the one-and-only Carrie B. at her first date with Mr. Big, wearing the infamous “sex dress”?

P.S.: I just remembered that I have another outfit (not dress!) which falls too into this naked-feeling, It’s one of my favorite outfits of all times.


Happy Birthday Mr. President – Remix

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I mean, after all, if you wanted that you would just go to fashionologie or fashionista. This is just a reminder for me to know how the hell can I find that magazine before going back to the glorious Americas (as in the continent). Three weeks.

So, really, how can I get this in Paris? There used to be this books/magazines/mooks/hipster-things store at this Citadium place which is “hyper-cool” (I actually find it pretty lame, I’ll ellaborate further on), called The Lazy Dog (OMG these guys are just so…funky!) that was actually pretty “sweet”, as my new Kiwi “coloc” would say. But last time I went, it was replaced by this random store.

O.K. so now I just saw in the website that they have some other location(s). It’s pretty embarrasing that I have been meaning to go to their website but never seem to do it (I guess I am myself quite a lazy “chienne”, lol, I’m sorry, I had an intense day being a neo-yuppie, not much intelligence left).

Soooo, my plan A is now going there to see if I can find a lovely LOVE. But I’m clueless about a plan B. Any ideas?

Now, as promised…On why Citadium is lame: so, basically it is this sort of mall (at least that’s what I have understood in my visits there and what my third-world.piti-yankee perception lets me see) with “hip” stores like….Pull and Bear (which I’m sorry fellow Parisians, but is not exactly the epithome of cool) and little kiosks selling bright-neon watches (again, I’m sorry, even in Venezuela nu-ravers are not cool anymore).

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