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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same



I’m now at the airport before leaving “The City of Lights”. This has been quite an interesting year and I feel extremely weird about leaving. I’m happy enought about it, but at the same time I’m anxious and melancholic. Today, as I got into the taxy I started crying like crazy, just for like 10mn though. The driver then asked me if my roomate was my husband, lol… He also asked me when I was coming back, “Il faut revenir”, he told me. He was very very nice. We talked through the whole way to the airport, which distracted me.

As I was going to do the check-in I realized that (surprise…NOT) I had overweight. BUT, for some mystic reason, I was entitled to have 3 bags (not 2 as I initially though), so I just checked-in my hand luggage too and didn’t pay anything. SCORE!

Now I’ll catch a plane to Dublin, where I’ll make a connection to my favorite city ever, NYC! It’s funny, even after all the cities I visited this year, I still feel NYC to be my favorite. I just hope when I get there I don’t change my mind.

I have some very very very exciting activities planed for NYC, I guess they are quite obvious, right? Either way I’ll get back on that as soon as I get there. I’ll have 2 weeks there, so I’ll have some time to sit down.

Afterwards, finally, back to reality. For a year at the most.

I’m off now!

Neither of this pictures is mine, sources:

I should be in bed now, but just bumped into the cover of Purple’s new issue, with the quintessential cool-girl: Chloë Sevigny. If you pay close attention, you’ll be able to see the name of the quintessential cool-woman: Kim Gordon. And finally, if you stream through the Purple DIARY, you’ll see a picture of little Asia Zahm with quite a similar outfit to that of Sevigny. (BTW, I’m very intigued on who is the mother of Zahm’s daughter, do anyone knows?).

On a different note…the first (and only) Purple magazine I had was the last issue, with Lindsay on the cover. I bought it when I came to Paris to look for an apartment about 6 months ago and started reading it while on the train back to Lyon (after finally founding a home). I think it’s very symbolic that the new issue is released when I’m about to live. I’ll probably be reading it while I’m leaving Paris, again, just that this time it would be on a plane and I’ll be leaving for good (for a while at least).

OK, I do know that it’s not like Oliver here is making a magazine just as my own personal crémaillère, but still…for me it’s a sort of closure.

I look back, 6 months ago, I was quite a different person. This time has been an emotionally-difficult one, but very rewarding (not trying to sound like a former convict or anything…I’m just being honest, dangerously honest). I’ve put my shit together and set some interesting and exciting goals, which I expect to accomplish in the following months. I’m already working towards them and have made some bold moves that I wouldn’t have been able of doing a year ago.

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