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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

When I was a little kid in Venezuela, I would go to the park of my building with my best friend and my brother to “explore”. We would take a Nature Sciences book with us, and try to identify the insects we would see. We would also do little picnics when we would get bored of the insects. And occasionally we would play that we were been followed or something by some muggers or something (yes, I know…the Venezuelan paranoia gets into the kids as well).

I sometime miss those lazy days of just wondering around and exploring. I mean, I do get to explore nowadays, but just don’t like that.

Today I feel like doing a little excursion and this just seems like a very appropriate outfit, right?


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I’ve been kind of jealous of all of this tanned people that just came back from their holidays, and then today I re-discovered these old pictures. I just remembered than in less than a month I’ll be back to Winter-less Land.

When I go back, I want to go here ASAP.


In 2 weeks I’ll be moving, as in, continentaly and before that I have to:

  • Cancel my phone contract
  • Do a garage sale
  • Pack
  • Organize and free my room
  • Prepare my trip to NYC (I’ll be there for 2 weeks before heading to the glorious Tropic, where weather is fine and people are nice)
  • Organize some meeting
  • Sleep

I was planning a possible trip to Prague next week but decided to drop it. I seriously need to stop pushing me that much.

I just found these two cute blogs this week, will definitively get back at them when I have more time to breathe and stuff:

Coming soon: a more deep explanation.

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