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I’m now at the airport before leaving “The City of Lights”. This has been quite an interesting year and I feel extremely weird about leaving. I’m happy enought about it, but at the same time I’m anxious and melancholic. Today, as I got into the taxy I started crying like crazy, just for like 10mn though. The driver then asked me if my roomate was my husband, lol… He also asked me when I was coming back, “Il faut revenir”, he told me. He was very very nice. We talked through the whole way to the airport, which distracted me.

As I was going to do the check-in I realized that (surprise…NOT) I had overweight. BUT, for some mystic reason, I was entitled to have 3 bags (not 2 as I initially though), so I just checked-in my hand luggage too and didn’t pay anything. SCORE!

Now I’ll catch a plane to Dublin, where I’ll make a connection to my favorite city ever, NYC! It’s funny, even after all the cities I visited this year, I still feel NYC to be my favorite. I just hope when I get there I don’t change my mind.

I have some very very very exciting activities planed for NYC, I guess they are quite obvious, right? Either way I’ll get back on that as soon as I get there. I’ll have 2 weeks there, so I’ll have some time to sit down.

Afterwards, finally, back to reality. For a year at the most.

I’m off now!

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