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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

I mean, after all, if you wanted that you would just go to fashionologie or fashionista. This is just a reminder for me to know how the hell can I find that magazine before going back to the glorious Americas (as in the continent). Three weeks.

So, really, how can I get this in Paris? There used to be this books/magazines/mooks/hipster-things store at this Citadium place which is “hyper-cool” (I actually find it pretty lame, I’ll ellaborate further on), called The Lazy Dog (OMG these guys are just so…funky!) that was actually pretty “sweet”, as my new Kiwi “coloc” would say. But last time I went, it was replaced by this random store.

O.K. so now I just saw in the website that they have some other location(s). It’s pretty embarrasing that I have been meaning to go to their website but never seem to do it (I guess I am myself quite a lazy “chienne”, lol, I’m sorry, I had an intense day being a neo-yuppie, not much intelligence left).

Soooo, my plan A is now going there to see if I can find a lovely LOVE. But I’m clueless about a plan B. Any ideas?

Now, as promised…On why Citadium is lame: so, basically it is this sort of mall (at least that’s what I have understood in my visits there and what my third-world.piti-yankee perception lets me see) with “hip” stores like….Pull and Bear (which I’m sorry fellow Parisians, but is not exactly the epithome of cool) and little kiosks selling bright-neon watches (again, I’m sorry, even in Venezuela nu-ravers are not cool anymore).


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