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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

Yves Saint Laurent’s studio is a big rectangular space. It’s there that he works surrounded by his specialized ateliers. On the other side of the wall there is another studio, an imaginary one. Artists, creators, characters…real or fictional, they all live in this imaginary room.

In the exhibition, I could not get enough of this dress, I was there for a long time trying to get a catch of all of its details, which you can’t really see in this picture.

On another note, I couldn’t help but remember a mirror my mom had back at home which was kind of like a door, I think it was designed to be the front part of a closet or something, but she just had it in front of a wall, so if you opened it, you would just see, well…a wall. But I always though _or wanted to believe_ that through that mirror/door, you could go to some other dimension or magic World. I guess that’s what was on the mind of kids when Internet wasn’t mainstream.


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