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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

These are the first pictures that I stole took from the website from YSL retrospective at the Petit Palais, I’ll be posting more in the days to come.

The exposition is divided in 15 rooms, each with an aspect of Saint Laurent’s life.

Yves Saint Laurent: A Timeless Modernity

In 1961 Yves Saint Laurent decided to create his couture house. On January the 29th, 1962, he presents his first haute couture collection. At 26 years old, he creates a cultural shock presenting as the opening piece of his show, a coat-and-trouser ensemble of marine inspiration.

For this retrospective, 300 haute couture and 7 ready-to-wear creations have been chosen to illustrate his creative career that revolutionized fashion for over forty years.

Beyond this tribute to one of the greatest fashion designers of the twentieth century, this exhibition shows the timeless modernity of Yves Saint Laurent’s style, who said of his job: “I have always placed respect for this profession above all , which is not in itself an art, needing an artist to exist.

Pierre Bergé (YSL’s business partner and life-partner)

YSL is born in Oran, Algeria, August the 1st 1936. Shy and solitary, he finds a refugee in his dreams of theater and fashion. First winner of the Secrétariat international de la lane contest, he becomes Christian Dior’s assistant in 1955 and took his job after his death in 1957.


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