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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

In my first week in Paris, one day after work I was walking with Simón. Suddenly we bumped into a store with tons of magazines, books and quirky little items.

There it was: Lula magazine. After so much time having heard and read about it I finally encountered face-to-face. I felt almost kind of embarrassed as my friend couldn’t understand why I was excited about “a magazine”, but I just couldn’t hide my excitement.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t get myself to buy it, I could hear my dad’s voice who always got upset when I bought “Tú”, a (South American?) teenagers magazine that I collected through the 90’s. What would he say if he knew I was buying “a magazine” of 10 Euros? He would certainly not approve it.

At the end my friend convinced me to buy it. He was super shocked at both my excitement about finding the magazine and my unwillingness to then buy it. Besides, I though, as it comes out just twice a year, it’s more a book than a magazine, right? And, on Ebay you can find it not at 10 Euros, but at 25$.

Last week I finally read it carefully, paying attention to every detail. Now I’m searching more info on some of the people they feature in that edition, the first been Joanna Newsom. It’s funny how I didn’t imagine her voice like that when reading her interview.

P.S.: I still felt kind of guilty and removed the price tag off so my roommates first impression of me wouldn’t be that of a person who spends 10 Euros on a magazine. Oh la la, what a freak.


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