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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

Last Monday was a free-day thanks to a Virgin or something like that here in France. I decided to use the long week-end to visit Josfina in Belgium an bought a 38 Euros Bus Ticket to Brussels.

As you may not know, Josefina doesn’t lives in Brussels, but in “Lovaine-la-Neuve”, a small little town with a very interesting history:

Source: Wikipedia. For more information, press HERE

So, I was supposed to get to Brussels and then take the last train to LLN. But the small detail I ignored was the not awesome service of a certain European bus company and the traffic jams of Paris. So….I ended up getting to Brussels after the last train to LLN had departed. Luckily, my dear friend had figured out a solution and we ended up heading to Ghent to spend the night there, expecting nothing but a bed but instead receiving the best hosts ever, a Friday night-tour around town, and a Sunday at Bruges at the beach (Ostend).

The whole thing was surreal, as I had gotten used to the fucking cold weather and I hadn’t been in a beach since August last year. We didn’t bathe, but I got to do my favorite beach-activity. Can you guess it?


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