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Stylishly Late

Fashion fades, only style remains the same

I have nostalgic feelings about The Cold War. Not really nostalgic as I do not miss it…I did not even live it. I guess that’s the whole point of it. I’m almost sure that if I would have actually lived the cold war, I would hate it. It’s not that I find enchanting the risk of the Earth collapsing because someone dropping a bomb. It’s just that trough my life I have been strongly attracted to many of the situations that took place in this times. The oldest memory I have is been around 8 and wanting to be a “you’ll never guess what” when I grew up. Did you guess it? Yes, a hippy. Then, thanks to Mecano, my interest evolved. Now I was obsesed with the Space Race. That Laika song really got me. But back in the day, internet wasn’t that accessible. I guess then I found a certain charm in the existence of two completely different and antagonistic ways of life, each seeming exotic to the other one.  And FYI, I kind of am on the “bad guys side”. I’m just too much of an outkast at heart (It’s not an objective and responsible affirmation, it is in fact as visceral as one can gets).

While in Berlin, last year, I got more obsessed and ended up with a bunch of books. What you will see next, are some of the scans of my favorite book from that trip. I don’t really see a point in explaining what the book is about, it wont be to hard to figure it out…

I’m too lazy and have never took the price-tag off. Maybe someday.

This outfit on the right reminds me of Lady Gaga. And all of this time I though her inspiration came from Madonna…I would have never imagined that it actually came from the DDR…Good Bye, Lenin! is that you???


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